New Update Cool New Ad Menu Feature

If you’ve been looking for an easy and effective way to display ads across your sites, replace Amazon Native Ads or SiteStripe functionality you’ve just found your solution.

Hey, It’s Dan Nickerson and this is not your typical launch sales offer.

If you don’t know me I’ve been marketing online for 28 years and am most well known for creating the Socrates WordPress Theme and lots of unique WordPress plugins.   

This is my latest plugin which I’m doing a very soft launch for to get some feedback and users.  I tend to focus more on the product than hypey salespages.

So let me introduce you to the Best Ads WordPress Plugin!

The goal is to offer a reliable solution for your advertising needs, especially in the wake of Amazon discontinuing their native ad and Sitestripe functionality and pushing their associates toward using the  PA API.

Here’s What You Can Do With Best Ads Plugin

  • Remote Ad Serving: Like Google Ads or Affiliate programs you can display ads created on one site across multiple sites. Perfect for those who want to showcase ads on HTML landing pages or for domain enthusiasts wanting to monetize their collection.
  • A Replacement for Native Ads: Loved Amazon’s native ads? We bring them back and you can style any way you wish.
  • Code Blocks: More than just ads – display custom code blocks like unique landing pages or modified headlines on different sites.
  • Custom Ad Creation: Tailor-make ads with your product images, descriptions, and buying links. Sprinkle in some personal CSS magic if you wish.
  • Amazon API Integration: Seamlessly sync your Amazon account to display product ads via ASIN # or keyword.. Just remember to play nice with Amazon’s terms.
  • Tag-Based Ad Display: Organize your ads by niche, size, or any other category. Display multiple, related ads on one page with a simple tag.
  • Link Menu Ads: Create old school link ads using the power of WordPress Menus.   Create link buttons both horizontally and vertically, include descriptions and multiple styles..  Plus load them remotely.  Instant Affiliate Link or CV pages! Watch video below!

I also added a simple HTML landing page generator that lets you make one page doorway sites in seconds that work with our remote code!,

While we’ve launched with these great features, we’re open to feedback and ready to enhance the plugin based on customer needs.

This is a very soft launch.  We’ll continue to improve the plugin and will most likely increase the price before doing a major launch. 

How Do I Get The Plugin? 

We’re Offering a ONE YEAR License to use BestAdsPlugin on up to 5 Websites for Just $17.00.  

This product has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This is NOT a recurring subscription payment. 

You’ll only need to renew if you continue to enjoy the plugin and wish to receive support and updates. How much revenue are you missing out on by not optimizing and organizing your ads?

To Your Success! 

Dan Nickerson 


Are there any upsells?   Yes, just one to extend your license and get some bonuses. 

Do you provide support?   Yes, of course.  That’s what Dan is most famous for.   We have a growing documentation page located here. 

Who is this plugin for?    This plugin is for WordPress users who are affiliate marketers and want to optimize their ad content.   If you’re not an Amazon Associate you can still use this plugin to manage your ads.