Test Menu Buttons

This a demo of a new shortcode which will enable you to create “MENU” ads via shortcode with the attributes: This is all done using the WordPress menu system and you can even use link descriptions to create old school Adsense like ads.

  • Class = Add classes for styling
  • Style = Link or button(default)
  • Mode = Vertical (default) or Horizontal
  • Rel = sponsored nofollow (default)
  • Target = _blank (default)

Note: If you add class, rel, or target via the WordPress Menu options, that will take priority over the shortcode values.

Prebuilt Classes

  • Colors: Orange, Red, Green, Ghost, Blue(default)
  • Design: Block, Bold, Dark(font), Shadow, Rounded, Bordered, Pipe (separator), Hover (scale up on hover)
  • Size: Huge, Large, Small, Default (medium), bw100,bw150,bw200,bw250 (pixel button min-width)

You can imagine using this for affiliate links, cv pages etc. All controlled by your WordPress menu system.

You can see this page loaded remotely here as well.

Default Mode is Vertical Blue Buttons

With Attributes Style = “Link” Mode = “Horizontal” These horizontal menus will switch to vertical at the break point of 768px

With Attributes Style = “Link”

With Attributes Class = “orange w150″ Mode=”Horizontal”

With Attributes Style = “Link” Mode=”Horizontal” Class= “Pipe”

Testing Block Button – Works in vertical mode to go full width of container.

Testing Rounded Button.

Testing Red & Green

Testing Green Dark Bold

Testing Shadow

Testing Ghost Bordered Large

Testing Small Hover

Testing Huge

Testing Descriptions this is only going to work with Links, not buttons..

Testing Descriptions with additional css classes like “bordered lw300” that gives the container a width of 300px.

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