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Though I’m happy to answer those questions, I’d appreciate it if you “Googled” the question or error message first. 

People often think I have all the answers to WordPress problems, but in reality I just have really strong Google skills.  Do you know about Google Search Operators (they will change your life)?

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Important to note:  I pride myself on customer support and respond very promptly.  Usually within 10 minutes during business hours (EST).   Almost never longer than 6 hours.. If I haven’t responded to you within 12 hours.. Email me again or call 911 as something is horribly wrong.

Latest FAQS

Is BestAdsPlugin Compatible With [INSERT ANY NAME] Plugin?

There are 1000’s of plugins and it’s impossible to test all of them. So we handle this a very simple way. We use clean core code that’s compatible with all major plugins. If we hear of a conflict with a plugin, we work to resolve it immediately or we’ll refund you. So the answer is YES or it will be compatible this week.

I made changes, why are they not showing?

Are you using a caching plugin? It might be caching your changes.  Try purging caches or disabling your optimization plugins when you’re designing your site.  W3 Total Cache can really bork design changes.

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Important –   A lot of questions I receive do not contain enough information for me to answer without asking a follow up question..

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Quick Examples:

  • You got an error message, but didn’t include the error.
  • You want me to look at your website but didn’t include the URL.
  • You didn’t tell me what you’ve already tried to solve the problem.


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