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I just rolled out a new menu feature.  It’s not in the Gutenberg block editor, but can be added with shortcodes.  It’s pretty cool and I’ll continue to improve the documentation on it.

It lets you use the WordPress Menu system to create Affiliate Link Buttons or CV type pages and load them remotely anywhere.  Here’s my Test Page to see all the features.

And here’s a live example..

Step 1:  I added a bunch of my affiliate links to a WordPress Menu

Step 2: I created an Ad with the shortcode  [admenu name="Affiliate Links" description="true"].

Step 3: I then added the Javascript code for that Ad to an html page on my personal website

Now if I want to change my affiliate links on that page, I just edit my WordPress menu on this site.

By the way I made that webpage with a Page Generator that I’m including with your membership.  See screenshot..    So you can make your own doorway pages, landing pages in seconds.


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